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Maybe incapable is unfair. What I’m getting at would be the equivalent of “exerciser-ly challenged”, which doesn’t really read that well or exist as a word or phrase. Actually, I’m not really talking about exercise either, as you’ll see.

So I was in the pool the other day, and was building myself up to doing 10 lengths, to get the heart beating slightly harder than the prescribed 68 bpm or so, or the actual 78 bpm or so, as I had done the day before. As one does, I prepared the pool, moving lilos and balls and stuff aside, and started thinking, with the mind of one committed to exercise,  that I hadn’t really tried out the noodle. So I put it under my arms and found it really works for buoyancy; funnily enough. Thing is though, to keep your head comfortably above the water you need to lift your legs, which is easier with the noodle under your arms, but not for longer than about 10 seconds. So the lilo came back into the pool, and the feet were placed centrally on it and the desired flotation, without any excessive strain, was achieved ! And it got better ! This drew my attention to the fact that my tummy muscles naturally held tight in this position. Result ! In this position with feet on the lilo and a noodle under my arms, I was exercising ! 15 minutes of this and I’d have a washboard where my gut used to “hang out” !

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And so I did my exercise. I even found that moving my feet across the lilo from between where they were just on it to where it sat between my knees and heels, and moving the noodle from the middle of my back to under my neck changed which muscles were being used, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the exercise. So as to speak.

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But the “piece de resistance” was to find that while maintaining this position of deep and strenuous exercise, I could hold a hand up out of the water and move it to and from my mouth, which I could also hold above the water level, without affecting my buoyancy, meaning I could smoke as well !!

Note: Mobility across the water is limited while undertaking this exercise, so you are at the mercy of the winds, or lack there of. Having someone to drag you to the edge to ash your smoke, as i did,  is advisable.